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All sizes, cotton. Nightdresses, pajamas.

All sizes Brassiere (30-52; A-M)

European brands: Lauma, Gorsenia.

Maternity brassieres also available!


Conte Fashionable pantyhoses, stokings and socks.



Lake Bonavista Promenade Shopping Centre

Indoor Mall


173, 755 Lake Bonavista DR SE

Calgary T2B 0N2

(across ShoppersDrugMart and Brewsters)


Tel.: 403-453-0220



Spa-Quality soap and skincare. Made in Muskoka

“Once seamless bras came into fashion, many of us began to buy them every time. It is important to try seamed bras as well. A seamed bra will give better lift to your breasts, as well as provide a narrower silhouette that flatters certain styles of clothing. In addition, many expert bra fitters will tell you that seamless bras do not provide enough support to be worn every day. So consider other styles and brands of bras, both for support as well as fashion!”

Sally B. 6 Bra Shopping Mistakes, www.brawise.com







If you want to know more about bra fitting and why we need all those seams and diferent types, please join us for coffee and conversation event.



Every first Saturday of the month at

10am- 11am